Plant Range

No matter what season, at what time of the year, The Secret Garden offers a year-round assortment to add structure and colour to your garden.

Stunning Spring

When the first signs of spring appear, and the earth awakens, our garden centre is filled with stunning spring-flowering blooms and plants. Discover our spring collection, such as

  • violas,
  • cyclamen,
  • primroses,
  • daffodils,
  • hyacinths,
  • muscari,
  • tulips,
  • and many more.

Add a splash of colour to your spring display and be amazed by our fantastic spring collection. We offer planters, flower pots and containers which you can fill with our spring assortment. Our staff is always willing to help you arrange a colourful spring arrangement. 

Sunny Summer

Brighten up your Summer garden with soft fruit, conifers, trees, and bedding plants. We offer a fantastic range of our famous hanging baskets, filled with summer-blooming plants. You can choose between our summer hanging basket range, or we can custom make something special for you, with something like:

  • petunia,
  • lobelia,
  • geranium,
  • ivy,
  • fuchsia,
  • and more.

Explore our wide range of outdoor plants, such as summer perennials, annuals, roses, conifers, trees, flower bulbs, etc. Our knowledgeable staff can tell you anything about your summer plants' location, water needs, bloom time, and best companions.

Fantastic Fall

When Nature's colours are starting to fade, our garden centre offers a colourful range of warm-coloured plants. Add perennials, such as:

  • hebes,
  • heather,
  • euonymus,
  • rhododendrons,
  • viburnum,
  • skimmia,
  • and other garden plans with a fabulous fall palette. 

Discover our best-kept secret garden plants and make your neighbours jealous. We have everything you need for a fantastic fall garden.

Wonderful Winter

Even in Winter, our garden centre offers a wonderful range of indoor and outdoor plants. You can visit us for winter-blooming plants, such as: 

  • hellebores,
  • snowdrops,
  • mahonia,
  • pansies,
  • winter aconite, 
  • and more.

We offer a unique plant service filling your planters with winter plants. Our knowledgeable staff helps you choose the right plants to colour your winter. During Christmas, we offer top-quality Christmas trees to make it the most wonderful time of the year.