Bird care

Birds are to many people a very important aspect of their garden, waking up in the morning to see a wide array of birdlife scattered around the garden is a nice feeling. To achieve a flourishing garden full of birds and other wildlife you will need to equip your garden with a few bird essentials first.

Tables: Birds tend to have different dining spots, which include on the ground and in trees and quite often perched on a bird table. To see the most variety of brids in your garden you should be providing them with as many possible areas as you can which is why our garden centre has bird tables for your every bird caring need!

Feed/Feeders: This is the key to getting the large array of species we talked about earlier, having multiple different feeds will ensure your garden is beaming with life. Our garden centre has all the variety from suet to seed and the feeders you'll need to turn your garden into a bird paradise.

Nesting boxes: If you want your brids to stick around then having a nesting box in your garden can be the perfect way to turn it into a bird nursery. At our garden centre we have nesting boxes available ready for you to welcome the newborn chicks into your garden.

Bowls: Don't forget that birds also need a constant source of water if you want them to stick around your garden for a long period of time. Topping up a bowl available from our garden centre and ensuring it is clean is a great way to attract and keep birds in your garden.