Autumn Care

Autumn is a birds favourite time of the year, they get to gorge on the plentiful buffet of food that nature provides to them, which is why you might not see them about in your garden as much but don't worry this is still a time where you can help them prepare for their long journey south for the winter.

Daylight dwindles: During this time of the year the days are getting shorter and shorter which means less time for foraging, so you can provide them with the extra food they need to store for the journey, fatty foods are good here so suet balls, which our garden centre provides in abundance.

Nest boxes/Roosting pouches: Providing this much needed shelter for outgoing and incoming birds during this migratory season is a great way to the to-ing and fro-ing of one of nature's greatest spectacles.

Water bowls: Keeping these as clean as you can, autumn time means alot of leaves and other detritus can get in and around your birds water. Topping it up shouldn't be too much of a problem as this time of year is usually quite wet, but if it does get low making sure its filled will provide you the greatest show in your garden.

Please ask the staff in our Pontypool garden centre for more information and advice.

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