Spring Care

Ahh spring time, alot of gardeners favourite time of the year because your garden becomes a wildlife paradise during this time as for birds and many other wildlife species it is breeding season. This is alos the time when alot of birds who had made the migratory flight away, return so heres a few things you can do for them.

Nesting boxes: First thing you can do for them is to put up a bird box in the late winter/early spring, these are readily available from our garden centre and provide them with the shelter and privacy from the outside world during this time.

Feed: Now you might be wondering what type of food should i be putting out during this time, luckily were here for you and your garden wildlife. High protein feed such as mealworms and sunflower seeds are great for them to recharge after the long trip and are readily available in many varieties from our garden centre.

Early Spring freeze: During the start of spring it can still remind of the winter with how cold it can be, just as you did in winter make sure the bowl of water is not frozen over and keep it topped up for them, they'll thank you by returning to your wonderful garden.

Please ask the staff in our Pontypool garden centre for more information and advice

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