Top 5 reasons to grow conifers

Top 5 reasons to grow conifers

Conifers have been used in gardening for many years. From vast landscapes to smaller gardens. You find conifers in parks and botanic gardens, out in the wild of the land and everywhere in between. At times over the years, they have even been given a bad reputation but not only are they great for structure, colours and texture but they can complement gardens very well. Here are our top 5 reasons to grow conifers.

1. Shapes in the landscape

Growing conifers is not all about Leyland Cypress Trees. There are many different conifers with varying colours and textures. One of the great things about including them in your garden is they are effortless to prune if done so with care, and you can shape conifers in so many ways to compliment space and personality. From dreamy cloud pruning to sharp, formal edges you can be really creative and make a statement.

2. Evergreen colour all year

Evergreens are a welcome sight in the garden over the winter months when there is little else in the garden. Planted in and around your perennial plants they do give pleasant colour when your flowers aren’t blooming. Don’t be afraid to use them in this way because they can provide enormous all year round interest and compliment your flowering perennials well.

3. Wildlife will thank you

Conifers offer perfect homes for wildlife. Your garden birds will be happy to nest, hide and feed in the dense foliage and there is nothing better than sharing your garden with wildlife. You will hear Robins and Blackbirds singing from the branches when they are happy in their conifer home.

4. You’ll be growing history

Would you believe that conifers go back 300 million years? There are fossil records that far back and even some groups of conifers are still to this day visible from fossils of up to 120 million years ago! So if you want to have a history in your garden, then a conifer is an excellent choice.

5. Miniature trees

If you have a small garden and want to add some smaller conifers in, pick a tiny variety that can easily be pruned and kept to size. There are slow-growing conifers as well, which can help, but a correct miniature variety is what you will need to minimise growth and space needs. They are the smallest of the conifer family, and you will often see them in alpine gardens all around the world. Take some inspiration at a botanic garden near you for varieties, sizes and colours. If you pick the right plant for the right place, as with any, you won’t be disappointed.

If you would like some advice on growing conifers, our friendly staff in store can help.