Top 6 recipes to serve from the winter barbecue

Top 6 recipes to serve from the winter barbecue

Even though the weather is much colder and most of the garden is taking a rest, there is no reason why the barbecue has to be put away just yet. It can be an opportunity to cook up some delicious food on the BBQ and enjoy the fresh air. So wrap up and get your blankets out, warm hats on and enjoy the garden even during Autumn and Winter. Here are our top 6 recipes to serve from the winter barbecue.

1. BBQ root vegetables

Carrots and parsnips are incredibly delicious slightly charred on the BBQ. They will be even better if you have homegrown them as well! Marinade your roots in a sticky sauce of your choosing and sprinkle with herbs because cooking them on the BBQ.

2. Sweet potato and onion skewers

Grab some skewers and alternate sweet potato chunks with thickly sliced onion. Make sure they have oil, salt, pepper and paprika on and get them on the BBQ. You could add on peppers or any other vegetables you have. Dip them in some buffalo sauce for additional flavour. 

3. Sliced butternut squash

Delicious butternut squash can be sliced thinly lengthways, covered in oil and herbs then grilled on the BBQ in foil. Another great way to use butternut squash especially if you have grown your own and been storing them for a great recipe. Very easy and simple to make and will fill you up on a cold night. 

4. Grilled mixed vegetables 

Raid the fridge and slice up any vegetables you have available. Peppers, courgette, broccoli and anything else can be added to a hot BBQ for a chargrilled taste sensation packed full of great nutrition. Make sure they have been coated with olive oil, salt and pepper then cooked in some foil. Tuck into the tasty, colourful BBQ veg.

5. Marshmallows and chocolate 

A classic and must do for a winter BBQ. Grab some large marshmallows and pop them onto a skewer followed by some chocolate. Let the chocolate melt onto the marshmallow as you hold it over the BBQ. A perfect dessert or just for fun with friends. 

6. Baked apples

Make winter baked apples in the oven to serve up for a sweet treat at your BBQ, Mix some flour, oats, cinnamon, a little butter and brown sugar. Then chop some apples and mix everything in a saucepan. Hollow some apples, fill with the hot filling from your saucepan and bake in the oven. An absolutely wonderful way to enjoy some wintery food while sitting outside in the garden watching the night sky. 

Make sure your BBQ is in top shape and find all of the accessories you need in store.