Guide to keeping your pond in good condition

Guide to keeping your pond in good condition

Ponds are an important aspect of our gardens. They encourage wildlife and biodiversity which is essential right now. There are many types of ponds from fish ponds to wildlife ponds, in many shapes and sizes, all of which add an extra dynamic to the garden. They look lovely and allow for some extra plants and fun in the garden but they do require some maintenance. With the correct tips, your pond will be thriving for many years to come. 


A clean pond is a pond in good condition

Ponds can get murky quickly if the balance is not right. Fallen leaves and other debris is usually the main culprit so always keep your pond clean. Remove debris as this along with fish waste (including food) makes the ammonia levels high and will destroy your pond. 


Keep your pond in good condition with a balance of plants 

Pond plants don’t just look nice as they also help to keep the balance right. Choose a mixture of plants from oxygenators to marginals and remember not to allow them to cover any more than about 50% of the water surface as this can contribute to oxygen deficiency. 


Keep your pond in good condition with some shade 

It is not ideal to build a pond under a tree due to the falling leaves but it is a good idea to have some of the pond shaded by pond plants. The reason is that as the water heats up, fish and other aquatic wildlife won’t be able to breathe, and may need an aerator to help. 


Get the right accessories to ensure you keep your pond in good condition 

If you want to ensure everything is well balanced, there are many accessories that can help you with this. A pump that circulates water regularly is a great asset and will help to keep the pond clean and clear. Make sure you get a pump that is the right size for your pond. A filter is another must-have and just as with the pump, a filter will be a great asset. 


Use a bacterial product to help keep your pond in good condition

Help to keep algae away by getting rid of excess nutrients in your pond with some beneficial bacteria. Using this can also help to ensure the sludge doesn't become a problem and helps to stop your fish from getting ill. When you use a bacterial product you will need to use it regularly but doing so will really help your pond. 

If you want to build a new pond or keep your current pond in good condition, you will find plenty of products in store to help.