DIY Ideas: Make your own succulent wreath

DIY Ideas: Make your own succulent wreath

Making a Succulent Wreath is not only trendy but they look great and are easy to make, with a little patience. You can get really creative and enjoy some fun time enjoying making your own wreath with your own choice of plants. When you have made it, you can display it at home or even give it away to friends or family as a lovely gift. 


Your succulent wreath will need plants 

There are so many different succulents to use with different colours, textures and shapes which makes it really exciting and your own personal choice. Choose from Echeverias to Sedums and with such a huge variety you can pick as many as you want. Take each plant out of the pot and shake off all excess soil. Layout the plants in a circle the size of the wreath so you can see what it will look like when planted up. 


Get your accessories ready to make your succulent wreath

Pick up a Sphagnum moss frame or a frame plus some moss. You’ll also need floral pins and some wire plus your scissors and a cover for your work surface. Soak your moss frame in water for about 30 minutes before you start to work on it. Make sure you have your wire attached to the back of it if you are planning on hanging it up. 


Start planting up your succulent wreath 

Use either a screwdriver or scissors to make holes in the wreath big enough to place the plant inside, make sure there is enough room for the roots to be completely covered but make sure you do not push a hole all of the ways through the moss frame.  Then push the sphagnum mossback around the plant to tidy it up.


Finishing touches on your succulent wreath 

When you have planted up your wreath, you could fill in any gaps with smaller plants or even use some Spanish moss to fill in which can look really lovely and give it a rustic look. Generally, succulent wreaths only include succulents but at this point, if you want to add in anything else, now is the time! Perhaps if you are decorating for a birthday or even Christmas, a few appropriate decorations would set it off. 


How to display a succulent wreath 

You can hang your wreath up on a wall or door but also they can look great as a table display. It will need some sunshine and also weekly water for about 15 minutes, so ideally a good soaking. You can also mist spray the wreath. As the succulents get bigger, they can be potted up or displayed elsewhere and in the meantime enjoy the admiration you will receive for your creation. 

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