DIY Halloween Home Ideas

DIY Halloween Home Ideas

With our DIY Halloween Home ideas, you will be able to make your home into a spooky world of fun, whether you are entertaining families or just want to enjoy Halloween yourself. There are so many ways to celebrate the day and some great fun projects to get stuck into during the lead up on a cold evening. From paper mache pumpkins to carved pumpkins, you can decide what devilishly good DIY ideas to go for, but why not try one of these ideas: 


The DIY Halloween Sweet Pumpkin

Instead of the traditionally carved pumpkin with a candle, why not use one of your homegrown pumpkins (or shop-bought if not) to make into a sweet dispenser for the trick or treaters that come to your house. It is really easy as well! Cut a hole in your pumpkin big enough to hold a glass (so the rim of the glass is on the outer edge of the pumpkin) then push the glass into the pumpkin and fill with sweets. You could decorate around the edge as well. It’s a fun way to give out sweets to the ghosts that turn up on your doorstep. 


Outside Signage needed for the DIY Halloween Home 

If you would like to invite trick or treaters to your home, let them know with a glow in the dark signs. This simple DIY idea takes just minutes. Grab some old flat wood and paint black, allow it to dry and then paint your arrows/directions on this with glow in the dark paint! Fantastic!


Inside fun for your DIY Halloween Home 

If you are having a party, make people jump with a BOO sign. All you need is some black card and cut out the word BOO, then hang up on a white background. You could do this with any appropriate Halloween words. 


Go BIG with DIY Halloween Home Table Decorations 

Get seriously creative with some eerie table decorations, enough to take your guests breath away. Use a white or black tablecloth and then cover with different size decorated pumpkins, candelabras with black candles and cobwebs draped over, drip red wax down candles and wine bottles to look like blood, coat your glasses at the rims with black sugar and make sure there are some spiders about! 


A DIY Halloween Home Flower Arrangement 

Flowers are so versatile and can be made to look eerily spooky for Halloween. Cut the tops off some pumpkins and use them as a vase filled with orange Chrysanthemums, Sunflowers, Dahlias and even dried wood as well. Go big and get creative to make something really outstanding for your home. You could of course even paint a face on the pumpkin! Happy Halloween. 

We’ve got plenty in store to help you get spookily creative for this Halloween, come in and visit us to see what you can find.